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About Us

Richa Pant

Marketing Manager

Vivek Negi


Deeptangan Pant

Content Writer

It was at Himalayan Explorers’ Club (HEC), adventure club of IIT Roorkee, where the founders of Baaronmasa met each other between 2003 to 2005 and were bitten by the bug of trekking, adventure activities and offbeat travelling. Ever since we have embarked upon many adventures searching for novel experiences and gradually over the years have collected a mix of eclectic memories together and individually.

There was always a desire to share our experiences with friends in a better way than just sharing beautiful pictures on social media. Besides experiencing bliss in the Himalayas, we also came face to face with harsh realities of life in hills and limited opportunities available to people living there. We felt selfish in enjoying the beauty of the Himalayas without contributing much to the local community. After scratching our heads for almost a year and pivoting many times we hit upon an idea to fulfill our dual goals in the form of Baaronmasa.

Baaronmasa (12 months i.e. throughout the year) is a social enterprise which aims to connect beautiful villages of Uttarakhand with travelers looking for off beat travel experiences. Using our vast travel, trekking and mountaineering experience, we strive to combine home-stay, trekking, adventure, pahadi cuisine and cultural components to create authentic and exciting itineraries that would transport the visitor to remote corners of the Himalayas beyond the popular destinations. By involving the local population we aim to nurture a sustainable and equitable social enterprise that has a minimal impact on the environment. With a wide range of itineraries that range from idle quiet vacations to adrenaline pumping activities, from informative heritage jewels to bustling festivals, we cater to the myriad tastes of curious travelers. For where else in India can you relish Bhaang ki Chutney without raising any eyebrows!