Baaronmasa Madhyoli


Dehradun(230 Kms from New Delhi) is connected by rail, air and road is the pickup point
Travel Quotient
Trekking, Culture, Cuisine
Alpine meadows, Himalayan views, Shiva Temple and a taste of Gharwali cuisine
Ideal For
Amateur Trekkers
Minimum 5 days(Dehradun to Dehradun). Customizable as per needs of the guests
Garhwal Himalayas

The moderate trek to the Panch Kedar temple of Madhmaheshwar, along the valley of the Madhmaheshwar Ganga, climbs to an altitude of 4000 m through jungles of pine, oak and deodar with mesmerizing views of the snow capped Himalayas. The escapade takes one deep into the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary on a that has for hundreds of years been used by travelers and pilgrims alike to feel the pulse of the Himalayas. The undertaking is a perfect blend of natural beauty, culture, cuisine and traditions - from breathtaking views of the snow-laden mountains to peaceful evenings with the sound of temple bells ringing in the valleys, from locally prepared dishes to archaeological wonders the journey promises to be an interesting adventure.

  • Panoramic Himalayan views of several major peaks of the Kedarnath region like Chaukhamba, Mandani Parvat, Osatoli etc.
  • The Panch Kedar temple of Madhmaheshwar nestled in a valley alongside a wide meadow in the shadow of towering mountains.
  • The rich flora and fauna of the Himalayas including the elusive musk deer that is often seen roaming in this region.
  • Sumptuous Gharwali cuisine prepared from locally sourced naturally grown ingredients.
  • An insight into the rich heritage and culture of the Garhwal Himalayas that has endured for thousands of years.
  • Advance Mountaineering Course certified and experienced trek leader from Uttarakhand.
  • Ukhimath:- The winter home to idols of Madhmaheshwar and Kedarnath Ukhimath also has several other temples of religious importance dedicated to several Gods and Godesses.
  • Raansi:- Situated in Madhmaheshwar-Ganga valley this typical Himalayan village has a few waterfalls around and is home to the temple of Rakeshwari Devi.
  • Madhmaheshwar:- A sixteen kilometer easy trek from Ransi, Madhmaheshwar is a beautiful holy town with picturesque views and temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Boodha Madhmaheshwar:- At a distance of two kilometers from Madhmaheshwar, boodha Madhmaheshwar temple is located atop the Madhmaheshwar bugyal with views of Chaukhamba and Mandani.

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